Single Events

Single Adults

We recognize the need for singles to participate in a healthy community. We also recognize that you know what you like to do! To that end, we offer you the opportunity to either create your own community group event or join with others on our Facebook page.

The idea is that you get to pick and choose what community group events you want to attend. If you don’t see anything you’d enjoy, then you can make your own! There are already some fun weekly gatherings that are happening (like the Saturday night dinners) as well as spontaneous events (like movie-going). It’s a great way to meet other Gateway singles, build relationships, and have fun all at the same time.

 In order to help you have an effective community group event, we ask that you abide by a few guidelines.

  1. If you post about an event, please give the name, location, and date of the event. Provide any information that will communicate what it is you're doing: where you’re meeting and when. The more information, the better.
  2. Please list a contact person and a way to contact that person. People will have questions about how to connect with you, and they appreciate clear lines of communication and timely answers. Think customer service!
  3. Remember that all events promoted on our Facebook page are viewed as an extension of Gateway Church. If you post or attend a community group event, you are agreeing to help maintain an environment conducive to the values of Gateway.
  4. Gateway does not endorse any events where alcohol is either available or present.
  5. We desire to offer an open, inviting environment to all who wish to attend that also promotes safety and health.

Remember that you are the key to building a fun and engaging community. We can’t do this without you!

If you have any questions, please post on our Facebook page. 

We're so excited that you are here and we believe that this is the community for you!