My favorite time of the year is fall. I like it when the summer heat breaks and the leaves begin to change, but the best part is that football season begins. The Friday night lights of high school football; the school rivalries, tailgate parties, and marching bands of college football on Saturdays; and the Dallas Cowboys on Sundays. And I can’t forget to mention Monday and Thursday night football as well. That gives us only two nights of the week without football. But those two days allow me time to work on my fantasy football league team and research free agents and possible trades!

What is it about football that makes it so interesting? Is it the cool helmets and uniforms? Or maybe the highlights of incredible runs, tackles, and touchdown receptions? I actually think it’s the amount of strategy and schemes that go into each game. Coaches and players spend countless hours watching game film to study their opponents to find every possible tendency and weakness.

Just like football, the Bible says that Satan has strategies and schemes to outsmart you and me. He wants to defeat us, so he studies our weaknesses. Do you ever feel blitzed with insecure thoughts? Impure thoughts? Anxious thoughts? Thoughts of bitterness? Are there relationship problems or addictions that are compromising you and causing spiritual loss of yardage? There is spiritual game for your soul going on, and whatever the enemy’s scheme against you, there is good news. You’re not alone on the field. All successful teams have incredible blockers.

Coaches are always saying to their players, “Trust your blockers,” and as Christians, we happen to have the best blocker ever: the Holy Spirit. For Him, every day is game day, and no matter the scheme of the enemy, the Holy Spirit wants to lead you in every part of your life. The easiest and most successful strategy is surrendering daily to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Trust your blocker.


So that Satan will not outsmart us. For we are familiar with his evil schemes.” 2 Corinthians 2:11