Pink Impact is returning to Southlake!

Over the years Pink Impact has seen many changes. Growing each year to accommodate more people eventually led the conference to the Fort Worth Convention Center where attendance ranged from 8,500 to 9,500 for the last two years. And, what an amazing experience it has been to watch God move in all of us, all at once.

But there was a problem. The cost of continually finding more building space to accommodate all those attending the live event was quickly beginning to outprice what many of our own Gateway women and younger women could afford, especially when tacking on travel and hotel costs.

And then the Lord spoke.

One week before Pink Impact this year, while in prayer, Pastor Debbie heard the Lord say from Mark 5:18–19 (NLT), “Go home to your family and tell them everything the Lord has done for you and how merciful He has been.” As the day unfolded, it became clear God was doing something new and exciting that would allow everyone to participate in the conference!

Pink Impact 2018 is returning to the Gateway Southlake Campus on May 18 and 19. With one live event and general admission tickets for only $99, seats will sell out fast! It’s our desire that our 4,000 seats are filled with Gateway Women. Registration opens October 1, 2017, for the live event! Mark your calendars and secure your tickets.

Now it gets really fun ...

We’re adding a new online experience—the Pink Impact watch party! This $29 online experience will be available for groups of 1 to 12 people for at-home viewing. Our most powerful, life-changing moments often happen in small groups, surrounded by friends. We believe the watch parties will allow the conference to minister to so many more women without the limitations of building space and price. So between our live event and the Pink Impact watch parties, we have something for every Gateway woman!

We are very excited about this new direction. The live event is changing to support a greater watch party and simulcast experience. Community will be developed. Lives will be changed. 

Registration is available October 1 at



Why are you so excited about this shift?
I know God spoke to my heart. This wasn't a bunch of beautiful minds thinking how can we spend less money and reach more people. To be honest, my team and I had spent a year looking at options and this never came up as a possibility.

What do you see as the true benefits?
Every woman can participate! Over 10 years ago, we changed the name of our women’s conference (from a name that reminded me of a feminine product) to Pink Impact. But it was more than a change of name. I nailed down two values that would govern the conference. First, we would always focus on the Gateway woman. And second, but equal in importance, was a desire to reach young women. Prior to God speaking to my heart, I was frustrated because the extra expense of having the conference in a different location made attending difficult for many of the lovely women I wanted to participate.

What do you hope every Gateway woman hears about Pink Impact?
Pink Impact is like a deep tissue massage for your spirit. If you have never been, try it! There is something so special about a room full of women when faith is bouncing off the walls, truth is demolishing lies, and love and worship are expressed freely.

What is a watch party?
It is friends gathered to experience Pink Impact together. Girlfriends reclining in the comfort of a home. We are committed to doing everything we can to make these experiences amazing!

Will this be simulcast to all the Gateway campuses?
Our plan is to only open the Southlake Campus, but there will be hundreds of watch parties in your area.