Disney's Moana tells the story of a curious and adventurous young girl named Moana, the daughter of the village chief on the beautiful island of Motunui. The village has everything it needs to sustain a happy life, albeit a monotonous one. The entire village is content with staying on their island forever, never going beyond the shore, everyone except Moana.

Moana is conflicted between her longing to answer the call of the ocean and her desire to stay on the island with her people. The ocean is mysterious and exciting, but it also fills her with fear of the unknown. Motunui is comfortable and safe, but she knows that the still, small voice inside her won’t be silenced unless she leaves.

As the story goes on, we discover a secret about the villagers of Motunui. To Moana’s shock, she finds gigantic ships hidden deep within a cave on the island, and markings tell the story of their ancient voyaging ancestors. In a moment of triumph and confirmation in which her true calling is revealed, Moana shouts, “We were voyagers!”

All too often, we can fall victim to the kind of passive thinking that entices Moana to stay on her comfortable island. Like Moana, many Christians hear the call of God to step out of their comfort zones and reach a specific person, people group, or region. Whether it’s taking a ministry trip overseas or offering to pray for a stranger at the grocery store, God is calling us. Yet sometimes, we allow our fear to outweigh our obedience. Doing this for long enough can cause us to become complacent like the villagers on the island of Motunui.

Open up the Bible and you’ll find story after story of ordinary people who stepped out in faith to answer God’s call and saw Him move in the most amazing ways. Our biblical ancestors partnered with God in the task of multiplication. It’s in our blood; we were voyagers! The call of God to share the gospel burns within the heart of every believer, something Jeremiah 20:9 calls “a fire shut up in my bones.” Whether you’re sailing the open seas to a foreign land or simply inviting your neighbor to church, don’t allow the fear of the unknown keep you on the shore.


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