Brandan Bustamante, Aaron Crider, Rebecca Hart, and Andrew Morris’s "My Heart is Yours"

On a hot afternoon in July, Brandan Bustamante, Aaron Crider, Rebecca Hart, and Andrew Morris cowrote a song perfect for a winter campfire worship session. “My Heart Is Yours” came at the tail end of a somewhat grueling songwriting session. The writers had all been paired together by Pastor Mark Harris, and this was the day’s final session. Ideas were scarce, and the group thought about throwing in the towel. “We were spent and even thought about pausing the session for a few days,” says Brandan Bustamante. “But I don’t ever like leaving a songwriting session without writing something.” That’s when Andrew Morris started humming a melody.

Immediately a spark shot through the group. Brandan started singing along to Andrew’s melody and a chorus was formed. From there, the group completed the song in 45 minutes.

Many times when writing worship songs at Gateway, the process begins when someone has inspiration and an idea for a song and they bring it to the group. However, this one was a group effort from the beginning.

“There’s something special about writing a song on your own,” says Brandan. “It’s like receiving a perfectly wrapped little gift from God and it’s up to you as a songwriter to be a good steward of it. But when you write in a group, you’re all receiving that gift together, and you’re all sharing what God has given you.” This style of songwriting, while it can lead to a great result, often comes at a higher cost. The trust and humility it takes to throw an idea out to the group—at the risk of having it rejected—is difficult to conjure. However, in the case of “My Heart Is Yours,” it was totally worth it.

The resulting song is sparse and mellow, accompanied by little more than an acoustic guitar, piano, and light percussion instruments. “The vibe we were going for was a campfire, prayer-meeting style of song,” says Brandan. However, its power sneaks up on you as the gentle verse sung by Rebecca Hart gives way to a big chorus during which she and Brandan sing a duet.

“The song for me is about allowing God to come and move in my life,” says Brandan. “We have to be in a surrendered state—not in a prideful state.” The verses declare the attributes of God, and the chorus allows us to invite His presence into our lives by saying, “Come, Jesus, whisper Your desire, my heart is surrendered. / Come, heaven, burn with holy fire, my heart is Yours.”

As you listen to the rest of Created to Be: Songs from Gateway Devotions, you’ll notice a new musical direction. It’s filled with songs with a similar acoustic feel, and it’s fitting that “My Heart Is Yours” is one of the first songs. What better way to set the tone of a worship album than to have the first song declare who God is and invite Him into our lives and situations.

“It’s a song about coming to a true place of surrender,” says Brandan. “It’s the picture of letting the Lord speak to us in that state.”


“My Heart Is Yours,” from Created to Be: Songs from Gateway Devotions, is available on iTunes and at the Gateway Bookstore.