For some, this is the most wonderful time of the year, yet for others, the holidays can be difficult. Jesus’ birth is a joyful reminder of God’s love for us no matter what we’re going through, so this Christmas, whether you have a few dollars or a few hours, we encourage you to be a light by sharing Christmas joy with others! 

Here are 25 ways to be a light in your community this Christmas. 

  1. Gather your family and friends to go caroling at a local nursing home or hospital. 
  2. Give small gifts, cards, or treats to service providers. This is a great time of year to let police, fire fighters, teachers, trash collectors, postal carriers, and others know how much you appreciate their service. 
  3. Bake some scrumptious treats and give them to your neighbors. 
  4. Go through your home to find gently used clothing or items you don’t use or need any longer, then donate them to a family in need or a local charity.  
  5. Invite your neighbors over to make a holiday craft together. 
  6. Carry spare change or extra cash. You never know where you’ll see a Salvation Army bucket or someone the Lord might place in your path to bless. 
  7. Contact your local library to see if you can help read or act out a Christmas story for a children’s event. 
  8. Invite your friends and family to Gateway’s Christmas production, Chasing LightsFor more information, visit 
  9. Buy gift cards to major retail stores and donate them to Gateway’s Single Parent Families ministry so single parents can give their children a special Christmas. For more information, visit
  10. Bring flowers, send a card, or buy a cup of coffee for someone who lost a loved one or friend this past year. 
  11. Cook a nice meal for someone who is extra busy during the holiday season and bring it to them. 
  12. Have a couple of extra signed Christmas cards handy when you go out. If you see someone who could use a smile, give them a card. If you’re really generous, include a gift card in it. 
  13. Handwrite a letter to an old friend. Handwriting a letter takes intentional time and effort, and your friend will appreciate the sentiment. 
  14. Bring a warm, yummy breakfast to the office to share with your coworkers. 
  15. Purchase someone’s fuel for them. The holidays often mean extra travel expenses, so buying someone’s gas may be a great gift. 
  16. Take a day to serve at a children’s hospital, women’s shelter, homeless shelter, or nursing home with your family, friends, or Gateway Group. For other ideas on where to serve this season, visit
  17. Create a care package and send it to a member of the armed forces. For more information visit
  18. Ask someone how you can pray for them during the holiday season. Then follow up later to see how they are doing. 
  19. Turn social media into a place of positivity! Pick a few friends and post a sweet holiday memory with them or something nice about them. 
  20. Gather some friends and family to help package Christmas meals for Food for the Soul or help sort boxes at the Operation Christmas Child distribution center. For more information, visit
  21. Adopt a family at a local public school through Gateway’s mentoring program. For more information, visit
  22. Give a gift card or small holiday treat to a cashier or retail worker. They often work long hours and deal with difficult customers during the holidays. 
  23. Offer to help an elderly person shop for Christmas gifts or decorate their home. 
  24. Invite someone over for dinner. There are a lot of people who may be alone for the holiday season and might need a friendly face and a meal. 
  25. Say thank you, open doors, or wish people a merry Christmas. Small gestures like this can really make someone’s day! 

What other ways are you showing people the love of Christ this Christmas? Share them with us on social media!

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