We see it more often than we realize. It’s on the outer wall of each Gateway Church campus, all of our social media pages, and nearly every printed piece we produce. It’s our logo, a symbol designed to help you identify Gateway in a split second—before you even have a chance to read the name. That type of recognition is priceless, and as of this month, Gateway has a new, cleaner logo that will help us reach more people than ever before.

“We changed the logo because we wanted to have something that represents who we are as a church and be able to use it in multiple ways,” says Pastor Thomas Miller, executive senior pastor. “With the previous logo, because of its complexity, we haven’t been able to use it on all applications.” The previous logo required an intricate design as well as a number of colors, so it was difficult to translate to black-and-white designs. However, Thomas says the reason behind the change goes even deeper. “We simplified the design because Gateway is a church that embraces simplicity,” he says. “Life is complex, but our life with Jesus is a simple relationship of love. I think our new logo speaks to that idea.”

The idea of redesigning Gateway’s logo begs the question, Why do we need one in the first place?

“A logo is a way for us to visually communicate who we are without saying a word,” says Shane Dennehey, Gateway’s senior creative director who oversaw the redesign project. “People remember a much higher percentage of what they see rather than what they hear, and this logo makes it easy for them to recognize Gateway Church in an instant.” Think of the McDonald’s golden arches or the Nike “swoosh.” Simply seeing designs elicits feelings about the organizations they represent. We want people to see our logo and think of the life and community they experience at Gateway. 

In addition to the logo redesign, Gateway is revamping the names of a number of its ministries. For example, Seven, the name of Gateway’s ministry for young adults, is now Gateway Young Adults; Pink, Gateway’s women’s ministry, is now Gateway Women; and Amazing Kids is now Gateway Kids. The reason we’re shifting from complex, creative ministry names to more self-descriptive names is simple: We’re all about people, so we want to provide easy access to our ministries.

Imagine a scenario in which a first-time visitor walks to the information center and is quickly able to find a place to become involved or receive the ministry they need. That is one of the goals in updating the ministry names. “We want to empower people by communicating as concisely as possible,” says Thomas. “We don’t want people to have to look it up or go to a website to find out what a ministry does.” 

All of Gateway’s ministries will be affected by the logo redesign. It will reflect our church’s unity in a deeper way. “Instead of having many different logos, we now have one logo that serves all of our ministries,” says Shane. “We have so many more people to communicate to than we did 16 years ago, and doing so in a clear way will allow us to reach more people than ever before.” 

Want to see the new ministry names and looks? Take a look at all the ways Gateway is improving the way we communicate. To see the full designs, visit page 15 in Gateway Life.


Amazing Kids → Gateway Kids

Bless! (Gateway Global) → Gateway Outreach 

Fifty-Plus Life → Gateway Fifty-Plus

Flourish → Gateway Widows Ministry

Freedom Ministries → Gateway Freedom

Fresh Start → Gateway New Believers

Gateway Generate → Gateway Students' Worship

Gateway Prayer & Intercession → Gateway Prayer

GatewayNEXT → Gateway Kids' Worship

Married Life, Parenting Life & Intimate Life → Gateway Marriage & Family

Pink (Gateway Women) → Gateway Women

Pink Groups → Gateway Women's Groups

Relational Care → Gateway Care

Seven → Gateway Young Adults

Single Life → Gateway Single Adults

Single Parent Life → Gateway Single Parent Families