We know what summer means here in Texas: no school and unbearable heat. Sometimes staying inside is inevitable, and if you’re starting to hear the words, “I’m bored,” don’t worry! Here are some free, fun activities (that don’t include the television) to get the kids moving.

1. Superhero Mission
Take your kids on a superhero mission around the house. Put on the soundtrack to a superhero movie and have the kids wear capes and masks. Use plastic cups as Nerf gun targets, create a maze with string, solve a puzzle, go through an obstacle course made with cardboard boxes and furniture, and at the end, have a special treat waiting!

Cleanup Bonus: After the kids are done with the activities and get their treat, the next part in their superhero race is to clean up! Keep that fun superhero music on so the cleanup will be fast and epic.

2. Fortress of Fun
Of course, any indoor activity is much more fun inside a fort. Use blankets, sheets, rubber bands, sofa cushions, and furniture to build the fort. Create a sign to put outside of it, hang some twinkle lights all around the inside, and fill the fort with blankets, pillows, toys, games, snacks, and books. It’s bound to be a hit with your tweens as well as your little ones!

Naptime Bonus: Fort naps are awesome.

Share pictures of your fort with us! #gatewaykids

3. Christmas in June
Get out your winter pajamas, put Christmas music on, and pretend it’s a super cold day outside! Create your own fake snowman (mix 1/2 cup hair conditioner and 2 cups of baking soda to create play snow), make paper snowflakes, and drink hot cocoa.

4. Arcade Day
Use cardboard boxes, markers, scissors, tape, and anything else in the house to create arcade games like skee ball, putt putt, ring toss, paper airplane basketball, blow dart targets, or balloon badminton. Play funky music and pretend you’re at the arcade—that means prizes can be won for games well played!

5. Crown Your Top Chef
Pick out some easy recipes and have your kids choose a few to make! Set up a video camera and have everyone pretend to be on a cooking competition show. You can use this time to teach them about kitchen safety, healthy eating, and food preparation in a fun way, and you can even offer an award for “Best Dish!” Your older kids will love the freedom to have fun and be creative in the kitchen.

Cleanup Bonus: One of the biggest lessons you can teach about food preparation is that the cooking isn’t done until the dishes are all clean, but this time around, the Top Chef gets a free pass!

6. Spa Day
This one is great for everyone in the house, not just the girls! Create a menu of services (manicure, pedicure, facial mask, foot soak, hand massage, etc.), cut up some cucumber slices, light a great smelling candle, and enjoy pampering one another!

Homemade Bonus: The Internet features great recipes using household items to make your own foot soaks and facial masks, so you don’t have to purchase expensive products for your spa!

What fun indoor activities do you do to help keep your kids active? Share them with us! #gatewaykids