Gateway’s Pink Mentoring Program Pairs Women Together for Short-Term Mentorship

Mentoring is not a new thing. Although the word “mentor” was never explicitly used in the Bible, there are many situations in Scripture where an older, more seasoned person encouraged, guided, and prayed for a younger person. (Think about Eli and Samuel or Elijah and Elisha.) Titus 2:3–5 even encourages older women to teach and guide younger women. In biblical days, this usually happened organically, but in today’s society where it’s easy to slip through the cracks of community, sometimes some intentionality is needed. Hence, Gateway’s Pink Mentoring ministry, which was created to provide an easy way for a woman to connect with another woman who can encourage her, provide accountability, and pray for her.

A typical mentorship usually lasts four months, and you’ll have weekly meetings to connect, pray, and perhaps do an applicable book study. There are mentors of all ages, and anyone, in any stage of life, can be mentored, whether you’re experiencing traumatic circumstances or just want someone older and more experienced in the Lord come alongside you for encouragement and accountability. Because we all know that sometimes two is better than one.

Below are some exciting testimonies from women who have gone through the Pink Mentoring program and have seen significant and measurable change occur in their lives.

“When I signed up for the program, I was not sure what to expect. I have served in ministry for some time. I was a little apprehensive because I am usually on the mentor side, not the mentee, but I had been attending Gateway for about a year and had yet to build any strong relationships. So I filled out the application to request a mentor, and Pink Mentoring did an amazing job of assigning the perfect mentor for me. About halfway through our time together, I lost my job. I then understood why the Lord had been prompting me to sign up for the program. Normally this would have been a very difficult thing for me, but she was such a blessing and provided wisdom, discernment, insight, and a whole lot of encouragement and prayer! She helped me stay focused and see God’s hand in all of it. I now feel confident and significant—not just another face in the crowd!”

“By the time I was 22, I had had an abortion, a miscarriage, and two children. So in June of 2013, I answered a call the Lord placed on my heart and moved to Texas from Minnesota. As a young, broke, single mother of two small girls and no friends or family, I knew this act of faith would save my life and shift the outcome of my children’s future. After learning about the Pink Mentoring program, God gifted me with a mentor who was everything I needed in this season of my life. She encouraged me to spend daily time with the Lord, and I experienced the significant difference it made in my life when I stayed close to Him. I learned to trust His voice over my emotions. I’m so thankful God gave me the boldness and courage to say yes to this program because I now have the best spiritual family ever, and I am walking into my third year of complete purity as I hope for a Christ-centered marriage in the future. I have grown more than I could have ever imagined in my relationship with the Lord, and I am raising fearless, free, God-loving kids.”

“Prior to my mentorship, my new marriage disintegrated and my brother nearly lost his life in a drug overdose. These two situations left my heart in pieces and left me hopeless, overwhelmed, and feeling immense loss. My coping mechanisms were no longer working for me. I struggled to trust others and allow them into my brokenness. I needed to grow and heal, and I knew an important step toward these things was to ask for a mentor. As a person who prides herself with independence and has control issues, the entire process leading up to the first meeting with my mentor was frightening: first I had to ask for help, and then I had to wait and trust God to pair me with the right mentor. But meeting her was a defining moment in my life. She showed me an incredible amount of grace and understanding, challenged me in every single area of my life, and was a huge part of my healing process. Simply put, she was an answer to many prayers.”


Want to be a part of Pink Mentoring?

Are you looking for a Mentor?

1. Email

2. You’ll receive a questionnaire to fill out. You’ll be asked to describe where you are in your life and what you’d like to learn or accomplish from having a mentor.

3. Wait. Mentors and mentees are paired with much care, thought, and prayer. The Pink Mentoring team lets the Holy Spirit guide each pairing.

4. Start meeting!

Do you want to be a mentor?

1. Email

2. You’ll receive a questionnaire to fill out. You need to be a member of Gateway Church to be considered.

3. Someone will contact you for an interview and next steps!