GATEWAY CHURCH IS EXPANDING, and our ability to reach more people for the kingdom has never been greater! As Pastor Robert announced in October, Gateway will open its first-ever Dallas Campus in spring 2016 with Tom Lane taking the lead as the new campus pastor. This news came as a surprise to many because Pastor Tom has been Gateway’s lead executive senior pastor, or as Pastor Robert might say, “my right arm,” for more than a decade. Now he has passed the baton to his son Pastor Todd Lane because God opened the doors and gave him a deep passion to be a part of this new venture in Dallas.

Pastor Tom’s new role, along with the announcement of campus worship pastors David and Alena Moore, makes a strong statement about Gateway’s intentions for the new location: We are serious about making a big impact in the city of Dallas, and the potential for Gateway’s influence there is huge. Within a 10-mile radius, there are 1,614 active Gateway families, 3,551 inactive families, and a total population of 772,000. In all, conservative estimates tell us our initial impact could be as many as 8,000 to 10,000 people.

Pastor Tom is excited about reaching these families and has had a heart for the people of Dallas for years. But there’s a deeper history at work for him. Decades ago, Pastor Morris Sheats of Trinity Church in Lubbock was extremely influential in the formation of Trinity Fellowship, which Pastor Tom helped to start alongside Jimmy Evans. Much of that influence is felt today at Gateway. In 1984, Morris Sheats moved to Dallas, where he planted and led Hillcrest Church for 19 years. That church was purchased by Prestonwood Baptist and is now being purchased by Gateway to become our Dallas Campus. “This campus means a lot to me from that perspective,” says Pastor Tom.

“Morris Sheats was influential at a critical season in my life. This new campus is like the closing of a loop for me.” While the campus is beautiful and outfitted with state-of-the-art technology (Interestingly, Prestonwood consulted Gateway’s Tech Arts Department when installing sound and lighting systems.), there are still several things that need to be set in place before opening weekend. Right now, crews are working to transform the children’s area into Amazing Kids. There is also a Gateway Café and Gateway Bookstore under construction. All of these changes are designed to bring the highest level of ministry to Dallas.

Pastors David and Alena Moore, who have been on staff at Gateway since 2001, will lead worship at the Dallas Campus. David, previously the Southlake Campus Worship Pastor, has worked closely with youth worship leaders through Generate—a Gateway ministry he started and has led successfully for 10 years. He and his wife are known for their ability to lead multiple generations into the presence of God, and their strong leadership will impact the people of Dallas. “I love that community because it’s artistic, and there’s a lot of life there,” says Pastor David. “If there’s one thing I’m most excited about, it’s being able to see people there come to know Jesus more.”

Gateway Church views this expansion as an answer to prayer and as a major step toward Pastor Robert’s vision of reaching 300,000 people in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. While it has taken 15 years for Gateway to open a campus in Dallas, it’s clear this move is happening in God’s strategic timing. “Over the years, many people have asked me, ‘When is Gateway coming to Dallas?’” says Pastor Tom. “My answer is always the same: ‘Whenever God opens the doors.’ Now we have the opportunity!” 


Before the Gateway Church Dallas Campus official launch date, there will be several information meetings at the campus. These meetings will take place on December 7, December 14, and January 14. The January 14 meeting will be followed by a night of worship led by Pastors David and Alena Moore. 


Tom Lane
Campus Pastor

David and Alena Moore
Pastors of Worship and Creative Arts

John Cruse
Associate Campus Pastor

Keith Morrison
Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care

Dorothy Newton
Pastor of Adult Ministries and Pink (Gateway Women) 

Dustin Sample
Associate Pastor of Adult Ministries and Gateway Groups

Jared Lyons
Pastor of Gateway Students and Seven

Leda Rupert
Associate Pastor of Amazing Kids

Gunnar Johnson
Pastor of Equipping, Freedom Ministry, and Stewardship

Lamar Slay
Pastor of Member Services 


With more than 150,000 square feet, the Dallas Campus includes seating for 1,850 in the Auditorium, an Amazing Kids wing accommodating 900 children, and a parking lot with more than 900 spaces. 

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