Think You Don't Have Time for the Word? Think Again.

It's the 21st Century and we're all very busy! It’s not that we weren’t ever busy in the past, but there’s something about our high-tech, fast-paced society that just makes life seem busier than ever. I know I’m not alone in this feeling. Most anyone I speak with says the same thing! Whether you are a single working professional, have busy children, or are empty nesters trying to keep track of children and grandchildren’s lives, we’re all living in busy times! But what about God? What about time in His Word and meditating on Scripture? How do we keep God first, know and internalize His Word, and still keep up the pace? As a busy, working single parent raising five children who are now teens and adults, God has revealed to me some tips that have made a tremendous impact in my life. Today, I get in more Scripture “reading” and meditating than ever before!

It doesn’t matter where you are in life, what I’ve discovered works for just about everyone! There are two key elements you’ll need: a smartphone and the YouVersion App, which is free to download! If you don’t have a smartphone, you can also use an iPod, tablet, or computer; it’s just not as convenient. But as a single mom, I delayed budgeting for a smartphone so I used my computer for many years instead! Remember, where there’s a will, there’s a way! Just ask God for creativity to make this work for your particular situation. I’ve found He’s always got a better idea than I do.

I personally love to open my Bible (you know, the kind with the leather binding and tiny print) to read the Word of God in the morning and spend time in His presence. But on those mornings when one of my children has to be somewhere at 6:00 am—after another one needed to talk late the night before—a bit of sleep deprivation may lead to pushing the snooze button and missing my leisurely morning Bible reading. That’s when the audio feature on the YouVersion App comes in handy. This app offers several Bible versions with audio. My personal favorite is the New Living Translation version because the app adds dramatic music and various voices, which really brings the stories to life. As I open the app on my cell phone, it starts right where I left off. I press play, and while I get ready for the day, I get the Word of God into my mind. I don’t have to miss that precious time in the Word.

There are several other opportunities for my family and me to use this app. One is during workouts. I’ll listen to the Bible or to scriptures I’m working on memorizing while I work out. It’s amazing how quickly the time flies, and when you’re done you’ve had a physical and spiritual workout!

Recently, I realized my teenage boys were spending a lot of time playing video games. So, I made a rule that when they play a game, they have to have the audio Bible playing simultaneously. Just a few days later, I heard one of my boys talking with a friend about all the great battles he was listening to in the Old Testament. They had quite a discussion about Joshua, David, and others. Since he would hear such large chunks of the Word at a time, the Bible began to fall into place and make more sense. We also use the audio feature on the app with my children who have dyslexia. It helps them gain all the meat of the Word without being bogged down trying to sound out difficult words. These are simple yet powerful ways to instill in your children a love and desire for the Word of God. 

Another key time my family uses the YouVersion App is at bedtime. The audio feature has a 20-minute auto shut-off option. So we each go to sleep listening to God’s Word, and it’s made such an impact. Bedtime is often a time when people tend to think too much or get anxious. Now, we drift off to sleep hearing amazing truths of Scripture. Listening to the Word of God puts everything in perspective.

Whether it’s day, night, or somewhere in between, if you’re cooking with a toddler on your hip or commuting after a long day’s work—there are hidden moments within each of our days just waiting to be filled with the Word of God! Enjoying His Word and being filled up is possible for 21st-century people with 21st-century tools. Ask the Lord to show you how to make the most of your busy days and still keep His Word a priority! You won’t be sorry. 

Kristi Kennedy is the executive director of the Bee Friendly Boot Camp, and a consultant with Tech Arts at Gateway. Kristi is the author of Overcoming Obstacles: Turning Tragedy into Triumph