Gateway People Share Their Embarrassing Back-to-School Stories.

With school back in session this month, many of Gateway’s staff and volunteers are remembering some of their funny, awkward, or embarrassing moments at school. So if you happen to find yourself accidentally walking through a sprinkler, sitting in food, or being called the wrong name this school year, know you’re in good company.

“It was my first official day of music school at TCU. I was excited and nervous as I walked to my first class of the day, music theory, when suddenly every lawn sprinkler came on, spraying the path and me. There was nowhere to go because the path was up against a brick wall, and I would have to go through the sprinklers to get to class. I ran to the class, grabbed a seat in the corner, and literally watched water drip from my hair all over my desk. It was awesomely awkward. Little did I know, I had grabbed the seat beside my future husband, Josh. He says he doesn’t remember me being soaking wet, just that I was really pretty.”
Robyn Alba

“Being the youngest of several sisters and cousins that had attended the same high school before me, I became accustomed to being called by their names by absent-minded teachers. So, on the first day of tenth grade, my elderly history teacher quickly recognized my last name and mentioned numerous relatives she had taught. Class began, and at one point she called upon “Angie.” The room was silent. She repeated the question, and as our class looked around the room, we saw her eyes were focused on me. She crossly repeated the question, so I answered and reminded her of my name. The next day, she addressed me again as “Angie.” I corrected her, but it was no use. I was known as “Angie” during fifth period my entire sophomore year. The funny thing about it is that none of my relatives are named Angie!”
Trish Bantham

“When I was in middle school, my family moved to Grand Prairie, and I started attending a new school. I was involved in orchestra and was excited about meeting my new orchestra teacher. When I got to orchestra class, she began to explain how the year would work and said, ‘Each one of you will be involved in sexuals.’ So, naturally I told my parents what she said, which resulted in a very quick parent/teacher/principal conference. Things were cleared up when she explained I misheard what she said. What she really said was, ‘Each one of you will be involved in sectionals.’”
Pastor Raul Cabrera

“I attended a one-room schoolhouse with nine grades in the same room and one teacher. During my first and second grade years there were four students in my class—two girls and two boys. One day, my best friend, Patty (the other girl in my class), decided it would be fun to rub poison ivy all over her body as she claimed, ‘I have never had poison ivy, and I can’t get it.’ Needless to say, the next day there were only three students in my class. We did not see Patty for at least four days.”
Karen Cathers

“Right before I went to kindergarten, my mom decided to take me to get a school haircut. This was right around the time that the movie Annie was popular, and so she took my long, straight, blond hair and chopped it off and gave me a perm so I looked like little orphan Annie on my first day of school. It was traumatic to say the least, and I’m pretty sure I still have trust issues from it.” 
Pastor Kelle Sherpy

“When I was in high school, my sister’s name was published in the local newspaper for winning a track meet. Our last name was Hutzel, but this particular newspaper printed it as ‘Butzel.’ The misprint spread pretty quickly through our small town, and we were both nicknamed Butzel for a few years as a result.”
Katie Smith

“When my son Joe was at Flower Mound High School, he was the running back on the football team. His friends made T-shirts that said ‘I Know Joe’ and wore them to the football games. They also made Joe a shirt that said, ‘I Am Joe.’ On his first day in college, Joe was walking through the campus at Baylor and everyone he saw said, ‘Hey Joe!’ He couldn’t figure out how students at Baylor already knew his name. It wasn’t until his roommate pointed out that he was wearing his ‘I Am Joe’ T-shirt.”
Pastor Craig Terndrup

“Late one night, some friends and I decided to cover a friend’s car with plastic wrap. We went to Walmart around midnight to get the supplies. As we were leaving, we were pulled over by a police officer because the car we were in fit the description of one that belonged to teenagers who were breaking into people’s houses. The cop opened the trunk and all he saw was a Bible and plastic wrap. He told us to go home!”
Sarah Thomas