Have you ever met someone who was oversaved? You know who I’m talking about—someone who makes the apostle Paul seem like a lightweight. Someone who can 
take a conversation about hamburgers and turn it into a 
5-point sermon on end times. Someone who makes the disciples look like a bunch of dudes who need a little more discipline. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, chances are you might just be that person! But if you’re still not sure, check the next page to see if any of it sounds familiar.

You do rapture drills at home. (Thanks Pastor Jimmy. #TippingPoint)

Your hero isn’t Superman—it’s the communion usher at church.

You only believe in two food groups—communion bread and juice.

You’ve successfully used this Christian pickup line: “Is it hot in here or is that just your love for God burning inside of you?”

You side hug your spouse.

Your dinner needs to be reheated after you’ve finished praying for the meal.

You rebuke your vacuum cleaner because it’s a Dirt Devil.

You changed your birthday on Facebook to the day you got saved.

You refer to your T-shirt as a breastplate of righteousness.

Instead of using Roundup, you rebuke the weeds in your yard.


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