One thing is certain—our moms are amazing. And with Mother’s Day this month (May 10), there is no better time to remember just how great our moms are. They sacrificed for us from the time we were born until ... well, they’re probably still sacrificing for us. In case you’ve forgotten just how great your mom is, let us remind you with this list.

  1. Yo mama’s such a good cook, Emeril calls her for help when he can’t figure out a recipe.
  2. Yo mama’s so ambitious, her to-do list was finished before you even woke up this morning.
  3. Yo mama’s so trendy, she had the new Taylor Swift song downloaded to her phone before you even heard it.
  4. Yo mama’s so creative, her last project broke Pinterest.
  5. Yo mama’s so crafty, she makes Martha Stewart look like a 3-year-old with a glue gun.
  6. Yo mama’s so sweet, you actually thank her when she grounds you.
  7. Yo mama’s so helpful, your school science project is currently being reviewed by NASA.
  8. Yo mama’s so gracious, she’s already written thank you notes for a birthday she hasn’t had yet.
  9. Yo mama’s so close to God, when she makes a casserole it can feed 5,000.
  10. Yo mama’s so well respected, when the president addresses the country, he says,“Members of Congress, my fellow Americans, and yo mama ....”