Prior to attending gateway’s two-day ID Seminar, Nick and Monica Swanson were at a standstill. He didn’t know how to use his talents, gifts and education for the Lord, and Monica constantly felt like her God-given desires conflicted with her daily responsibilities. After the first day of the seminar, they both started to feel a change. “My mind was overwhelmed with healing, freedom and purpose,” Monica says. “My husband was overwhelmed too. God was breaking down strongholds and barriers in both of our minds. We had already experienced healing and freedom through Gateway’s ministries, but this was different. This was empowerment.”

By the time the seminar ended, the Swansons realized the Lord had given them a heart for international missions. Monica says, “We left the ID Seminar miraculously changed. We have been on our knees each day since then, asking God to lead us. So many doors have already opened. God knew our strengths when he put us together and we’re excited to use them for His glory in all we do.”

Like the Swansons, most of us feel called to do something meaningful with our lives. Many people want to use their unique talents and strengths for the Lord but don’t know what to do or where to start. Pastors Brad Stahl and Allan Kelsey developed the ID Seminar to help people find their God-given destiny and life mission.

Pastor Allan says, “You need to know that God has given you natural talent and spiritual gifts. These gifts work together in a unique way.” The point of the ID Seminar is to focus these gifts towards their intended use. According to Pastor Brad, “God gave us gifts to give away. It’s not meant for us to lavish on ourselves.”

So much of the success of the seminar lies in its ability to serve each unique individual. Everyone wants to answer the question, “What am I on this earth to do?” However, the answer is different for each person. “We all get our purpose from the same Father, but He made us diverse,” says Pastor Allan. “This seminar is a full-length mirror that reflects back to you the gifts and talents God’s placed inside of you. It asks you questions to help you determine the unique path He has for you.” Throughout the seminar, attendees benefit from classes and group sessions that deal with issues like an individual’s past, current position in life, strengths and spiritual gifts. At the end of the second day, each person is equipped to write their own life-mission statement.

Many people leave the seminar with a renewed sense of purpose leading to important life changes. “I’ve seen people of all ages get something out of it,” says Pastor Brad. “For some people, the change is huge, like a career shift. For others, it might mean viewing their job differently or pursuing a purposeful activity on their nights and weekends.”

Testimonies pour in after every seminar, proving the Swansons are not a unique case. Joe Rojo said the experience gave him “a great sense of direction and illuminated areas where I could expand the effectiveness of my ministry to men. Thank you for this invaluable ministry to the body of Christ.” Gregg Morgan wrote, “My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed watching and listening as the Holy Spirit worked in us throughout the seminar. We have a greater understanding of His plan for our lives.” For Joey Fox, the ID Seminar “confirmed God is working in my life in a different way. Step by step He is guiding me. I’m excited and unafraid.”

The seminar’s impact is wide-ranging and the lessons taught apply to everyone. At the ID Seminar, there’s a place for people from all occupations, backgrounds and experience, and that includes you! If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to sign-up today.

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