Kari Jobe Returns to Her Roots with Majestic

Over the course of two nights in November, 2013, Kari Jobe filled the Majestic Theatre 
in Dallas with a sound not commonly heard in that venue: worship. The two-night event was recorded and released as Kari’s third major-label album, Majestic. While the previous two albums explore her singer-songwriter side, there’s something very different about this one. Majestic is focused on seeking God’s presence in passionate worship, and its first single, “Forever,” written with Bethel’s Brian Johnson, paints a powerful picture of Christ’s death and resurrection.

How did you come to
 write “Forever”?
Brian and I wanted to write about the cross and talk about the story of Jesus in fresh way—just taking our time writing it more poetically. It took about seven months to complete. At first I thought, This is taking forever—wait, that’s the name of the song (laughs). I’m glad we took our time with it because now it feels so strong.

A lot of modern worship songs about the death and resurrection only mention it briefly. On the other hand, it seems like you guys spend almost the entire song painting a picture of that scene. Is that something you set out to do? 
We wanted to declare how the enemy has been defeated. And we wanted to remind people to live in victory over things 
in their lives that have already been defeated. Satan does not have any power unless we give
 it to him. We wanted to inspire people to get free in a new way. During the Free Indeed series, I kept thinking about “Forever” because it’s the power of the cross that frees us. This is a big season for people wanting more of the presence of God in their lives
 and wanting to break the power of darkness. I hope “Forever” is 
a helpful reminder of that.

What’s it like writing 
with Brian Johnson?
It’s great. He just started playing the guitar and we started worshipping, praying and interceding. The melody came very quickly after that. When he arrived that morning, he said, “I keep sensing this theme ‘forever.’ Forever we’ll glorify Jesus for the price He paid for us. Forever we’ll sing praise 
to Him. So it’s not just here on earth that we worship, when we get to heaven, that will be the song of the redeemed.” It was pretty cool—much more prophetic than just a mechanical experience.

That’s really reflected on the album.

Absolutely! I’m excited because Majestic has so many songs for the Church. It’s more congregational than anything I’ve ever done. People at Gateway know
 me as a worship leader, but, for a few years, people outside Gateway have seen me as more of an artist. But, really, I’m a worship leader 
to my core. This album goes back to my roots. My calling is to be a worship leader. The whole thing was recorded live. There is also a DVD that goes along with it. I feel like there’s a new sound in this album. It might not be something that everyone will say, “Oh, I never heard this before.” I think it’s actually just spiritual. There’s just a sound of desperation in it. There’s a hunger for more of the presence of God in my heart, in the songs.

Is that also why you chose
 to record Majestic live
 instead of in a studio?
Yes, it’s so much better to capture raw worship and people’s heart cry. We recorded it over two nights at the Majestic Theatre in Dallas and they were some of the strongest nights of worship I’ve ever experienced. People came with such an expectancy to meet with God. The big moment of the night, honestly, was “Forever.” And it felt like people were getting the revelation that Satan has no power. The crowd was so loud on that song. You know worshipers are getting revelation when they just start yelling in the middle of the song.

What was it like recording it in a secular venue
 versus in a church?

It’s always been a dream of mine to do it at the Majestic Theatre because I just think it’s beautiful. It ended up being extremely prophetic. At the time I booked it, I didn’t know what the theme of the album was yet—I didn’t even have all my songs finished. I think it’s cool because it communicates to people that you can experience the presence of God outside the four walls of your church. We were worshiping outside of the building we call church, and God met with us!

You can purchase Kari’s new album, Majestic, at Gateway Bookstore or on iTunes.