Pastor Robert
One of my all-time favorite bloopers happened years ago when we held weekend services at World of Learning Daycare Center, on Timberline across from Grapevine High School. It was a church on the weekends and a daycare during the week, so there were a lot of dirty diapers. We would walk in the building on the weekend, and because they changed the babies in the bathrooms all week, it smelled. During one of our weekend services, I was attempting to share with the congregation that this was not our permanent home and not where we were going to stay. I explained that we were like a hole-in-the-wall restaurant right now—a bad building, a bad location, but great food. I said, “As a matter of fact, many of you don’t know this, but I get here before all of you and that smell you smell in the bathrooms is me.” Now, what I meant was that I took air freshener and sprayed it around the building, but I forgot to mention the air freshener. 

Pastor Tim Ross
I come from a heavy Pentecostal background, and one time I was in a service and the preacher began giving an exhortation. This one guy in the congregation became so excited that he started running up, down, and around the aisles shouting. When he got up to the front, he went to turn down the middle aisle toward the back of the auditorium, but he overshot his turn and went crashing into the front few rows. It was like when a basketball player dives into the crowd for a ball. He finally came to a stop in the fifth row with his legs dangling in the air. The preacher didn’t know what to do, so he just kept on preaching as if nothing happened. 

Pastor Jelani Lewis​
During some pretty crazy weather last year, I was doing oversight at the Frisco Campus. One of the things I like to do is encourage people to greet each other by saying something funny like, “Hey, you look better than you did last week." This particular weekend, because the weather was so crazy, I had people greet each other by saying, 
“Welcome to this erratic Texas weather.” At the 10:45 am service, one of our elders, Steve Dulin, came to the service with his family. Anytime one of the elders comes to visit, I want to make sure I get everything right. I was a little nervous, so I accidentally had people greet each other by saying, “Welcome to this erotic Texas weather.” When I said “erotic,” everyone burst into laughter, and I was embarrassed. It was a humbling and humorous moment. 

​Pastor Mark Jobe
I administrated a youth camp for more than two decades, and during one camp, some of the junior high students decided to do a special dance. Each of the dancers stood in front of the stage holding a lit candle because the theme of the song was “light of the world.” All of a sudden, here comes this big, scary-looking man running down the aisle. He ran in front of the students and blew their candles out. They were terrified until we realized it was the building maintenance guy. He was under strict orders to not allow any candles in the auditorium, but he failed to tell anyone. Half of those kids are probably going through freedom ministry now just because of that maintenance guy!