For years, Jason and Gina Root dreaded looking at their finances. But when they prepared to give their testimony at a recent Financial Peace University class at Gateway, they stared the numbers right in the face with delight. “I pulled all of our tax records,” says Gina, “and I was amused by what I found.”

She compared the amount of each year’s tithe to the following year’s income and noticed an uncanny connection. Every year they tithed, their income increased the following year. When they didn’t tithe, their income dropped.

Jason and Gina’s story starts where most people’s financial stories start: with an “Oh no!” moment. In 2001, they bought a new home in a new neighborhood with a lot of potential. “Shortly after we bought it, the builder who built the neighborhood went bankrupt,” says Gina. “Within six months of living in the house, we owed $65,000 more than it was worth.” 

After a few years of drowning in debt, the Roots decided to give full control of their lives to God—including their finances. That’s when things began to change. Just seven years later, Jason and Gina were completely debt free. However, God was preparing to do a financial miracle in their lives through an international adoption. Both Gina and Jason separately heard God tell them to adopt from Ethiopia, a calling neither had considered before. Their only reservation was that the adoption of two siblings would cost around $50,000. On faith, they started the adoption process, believing that God would somehow provide the money. “We signed the papers on a Tuesday and on Wednesday, Jason got a phone call from an employer he had interviewed with eight months before,” says Gina. “They offered him $45,000 per year more than he was currently making!” 

Now, the Roots—a family of seven—are living debt free and committed to helping others get financially free. “We give away Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover and Pastor Robert’s The Blessed Life together all the time,” says Jason. “We literally buy the books by the case!” adds Gina with a laugh.

That’s not all they do with their finances. God continues to use Jason and Gina to bless His kingdom around the world. Whether they’re helping with the cost of building a new school in Africa or giving to struggling families in their community, the Roots say they’re blessed to be a blessing. “The Lord just continues to open doors for us to give,” says Gina. “And He always provides the necessary funds to do it.”