Believe in Jesus

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Believe in Jesus | Service | 1 | Created to Be | A Gateway Series | Robert Morris | 29:51 | 12/31/2016

This weekend, Pastor Robert begins the Created to Be series with a message titled, “Believe in Jesus,” where he shares that God created us to believe in Him. 

Created to Be | A Gateway Series

Created to Be | A Gateway Series
Begins December 31–January 1 and Continues Through January 21–22

Who were you created to be? Our mission is to help each person at Gateway believe in Jesus, belong to family, become a follower, and build God’s kingdom. In this exciting new series, Pastor Robert will explain each part of the mission statement and his heart to see people growing in Christ. Whether you’re a new Christian or you’ve been following Jesus for years, the practical examples and powerful testimonies in this series will challenge and inspire you on your journey to becoming whom God created you to be.

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