Gateway Campus Development facilitates the design, expansion, and renovation of all the physical campuses and offices that God has given Gateway to steward.

From concept and design to finished product, Campus Development endeavors to make vision a reality. Our goal is to not just erect a building but a place where people can meet to be saved, healed, set free, discipled, equipped, empowered, and serving.


Recently Completed Projects
NRH Campus Remodel
Grand Prairie Campus Expansion
Dallas Campus Children's Area
Southlake Campus Theatrical Rigging & Parking


Current Projects
Global Ministry Center Renovation
Frisco Campus Temporary Parking Lot
Southlake Campus Offices Exterior Refresh


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NRH Campus Remodel

In November 2007, Gateway Church opened our first extension campus in North Richland Hills (NRH). Nine years later with an average of 2,500 weekend attendees, it was in need of a fresh look. Main areas of focus were Gateway Central, Bubbleland and kids’ rooms, ministry/prayer rooms, the bookstore, a classroom remodel, and a classroom addition.

The refresh was completed in December 2016 and has made a significant impact of the lives of our congregation.


Gateway Central
Prior to our remodel, Gateway Central was directly in front of the Auditorium doors in our Lobby. Guests who desired to speak to or meet a pastor or leader would have to make their way across the “downstream river” of people exiting and entering. It required a strong desire on a guest’s part to do that. Now located in the front of the Lobby, a greater number of guests have been visiting. I truly believe once the upcoming décor and technological changes have been completed, it will facilitate an even stronger atmosphere for ministry, connection, and fellowship.
–Pastor Al Pearson


Bubbleland and Kids’ Rooms
For a long time, kids would refer to the NRH Campus as “the little one without Bubbleland.” They would ask to play after services, only to be told there wasn’t anywhere to go. But thankfully, that has changed! Having an indoor play space makes our campus more inviting and family-friendly and draws people in. Now Bubbleland is a destination for our NRH families; it’s a great place to run out some energy, meet friends, and have some fun before and after weekend services and for playdates on Wednesdays.

We’ve made some changes to our children’s wing too! From the beginning of the NRH Campus, Gateway Kids was divided; the Flying Ferris Wheel (FFW) and Rock-n-Roller Coaster (RRC) rooms were in the children’s hallway and The Mix was across the building. It became difficult to keep kids secure and direct first-time families dropping off their fifth and sixth graders. Now The Mix is where it belongs—in the children’s wing with the other elementary classrooms. And the FFW and RRC rooms were overhauled with new equipment and décor. The entire children’s wing is now bright and inviting, allowing Gateway Kids to function as a whole in a secure and welcoming environment.
–Pastor Amy Sellars


Ministry/Prayer Rooms
Previously, the NRH Campus had just one small ministry room. Many times, ministry requiring privacy would happen in the Lobby. The recent remodel provided two ministry and prayer rooms, which enables us to serve more congregants during weekend services as well as during the week.
–DaShonda Parks


Relocating our bookstore to the front of the building has made it much easier to access. It’s also bigger, which makes for a better experience for those looking around. It’s been a great improvement for our campus!
–Pastor Kemtal Glasgow


Our classrooms are used for various congregational needs but primarily for Equip classes. Equip provides classroom learning in the areas of freedom, stewardship, and many other topical subjects that help people grow whole and healthy. Our recent remodel provided a second classroom that enables us to offer additional classes and functions.
–Pastor Wendell DePrang


Grand Prairie Campus Expansion

In early 2014 we began renovating the Grand Prairie Campus. For a time, the congregation met in tents in the parking lot, which had the feel of old-time revival services. After renovating the Auditorium, children’s wing, café, bookstore, and offices, our grand opening was held in January 2016.


Dallas Campus Children’s Area

Updating the children’s wing began in late 2015 and was completed a few months later. Worlds of Wonder theming was incorporated into all of the hallways, and the classrooms mirror all of the other Gateway campuses. We did this, so every child can feel at home no matter which campus they attend.


Southlake Campus
Theatrical Rigging & Parking

In 2017, rigging was added to the Southlake Campus stage area to provide better support for theatrical productions. Gateway Performing Arts is dedicated to telling the story of God’s love through various forms of live stage productions.


Global Ministry Center Renovation

The Gateway Ministry Center located at 540 S Nolen in Southlake formerly housed a variety of different departments from Freedom to Global. In January 2018, we began renovating the building to house our apostolic ministries whose mission is to steward the influence, resources, and relationships of Gateway Church to equip churches and ministries worldwide to fulfill the Great Commission.

Renamed the Gateway Church Global Ministry Center, it now houses Gateway Church Network, Gateway Resource Network, The King’s University, Gateway Business Leaders, Gateway Global Ministries, Gateway Jewish Ministries, and Jack Hayford Ministries. Completion is expected in May 2018.

We’ll update this page with more photos as we get closer to completing the renovation.


Frisco Campus Temporary Parking Lot

Barry Rich with RPMx Construction, a Frisco Campus member, generously provided all materials, equipment, and grade work for the temporary parking lot free of charge. This not only made available some much-needed additional parking but also improved the value of the lot while improving drainage.


Southlake Offices Exterior Refresh

In fall 2017, our Southlake Campus ministries moved to a rental property behind the main campus at 1101 N Carroll in Southlake to be closer to the campus and the people they serve. Our IT and Live Production departments that formerly occupied the space moved to the Administration Building at 500 S Nolen in Southlake.

To make the property more inviting to the congregation and to bless the lessor, Southlake Baptist Church, we have made some improvements to both the interior and exterior of the building.

We painted the interior and are in the process of putting in additional security at reception. On the exterior, we removed playground equipment, poured an asphalt overlay with fresh striping on the parking lot, and are in the process of adding exterior security, lighting, building signage, and landscaping.

We’ll update this page with more photos as we get closer to completing the project.