A revolutionary outreach opportunity for you.

What do you think would happen if Gateway people spent 50 days walking through our communities and praying for people? That’s the question reviveTX, an initiative created by Gateway partner Time to Revive, is asking us. We pray the answer is a citywide revival. 

What is reviveTX?
reviveTX is a movement designed to unite thousands of believers across the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex for an outreach unlike anything we’ve ever seen! For the 50 days between Easter and Pentecost (April 17–June 1), churches across the Metroplex will share the gospel with our communities. Revive has been done in other states before, but it’s usually on a much smaller scale. Nevertheless, God has been clear about making this one 10 times bigger than usual. 

To accomplish this massive undertaking, the Metroplex has been divided into 10 regions where churches (including Gateway’s Dallas Campus) can train, mobilize, and deploy volunteers into our communities and serve as a gathering place for believers all over the region. 

“God has used Gateway in a really special way to radically start to change this city, and now we have 253 congregations joining us as well,” says Kyle Martin, the founder of Time to Revive. “Gateway is quietly leading the charge, and we’re honored to walk this journey with all of you.” 

How does it work?
reviveTX meets at several host churches across the Metroplex, including Gateway Dallas, for seven weeks, Monday through Thursday. Each day starts with breakfast, prayer, worship, and training, and then teams go out into the nearby areas to pray for people. The goal is simple: ask people how you can pray for them and see where the Lord leads. Each day ends with dinner, worship, celebration, and testimonies of God’s work in people’s lives that day. 

“We have follow-up strategies in place for anyone who wants further discipleship,” says Gunnar Johnson, one of the Gateway Global pastors. “This is different than anything Gateway has ever done, and we’re excited to see all God does through it!” 

How can I get involved?
We would love for every person at Gateway to join us for at least one day (or more) during this initiative! You will be trained and sent out in teams to share God with people in a simple and nonconfrontational way. This is a great opportunity to connect with fellow believers across the Metroplex and truly make a difference in our cities. If you’re unable to join us, please pray for us each day as we pray for people and share our faith with those around us. 


For more information, view the daily schedule, and to register, visit revivetx.gatewaypeople.com.