Gateway helps give a veteran and his family a brand-new home. 

As the Gateway Outreach team brainstormed their next home makeover project, they felt a shift. This would be their fourth project renovating or building a house for a family in need, but this year they sensed God was leading them to do something a little different. “We felt the Lord leading us to bless a wounded veteran,” says Troy Wierman, pastor of Gateway Outreach. So we partnered with two organizations: 1) Operation Finally Home, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping veterans and their families by providing custom-built, mortgage-free homes, and 2) Cameron Custom Homes, a builder who has helped with Gateway’s home makeover outreaches in the past. This three-fold partnership worked together to find a veteran to bless with a new home. “After combing through applications with Operation Finally Home and praying over who the Lord was asking us to bless, we found the Jantz family,” says Pastor Troy. “And something just clicked. We knew the house would be for them.” 


Travis Jantz served in the Air Force as a jet engine mechanic for three years and then enlisted in the Army as an Infantryman for another seven years. During his time in the Army, he was deployed to Iraq twice, moving up to Staff Sergeant rank and engaging the enemy on several occasions. In a couple combat situations, Travis experienced explosive blasts that rendered him unconscious and injured. As a result, he now has combat-related disabilities including a traumatic brain injury as well as post-traumatic stress disorder. He currently works as an airplane mechanic in San Antonio, and he and his wife, Kristen, have a two-year-old named Easton, who was born prematurely. Kristen works as a nurse on the night shift and takes care of Easton during the day while Travis works. They’ve wanted to move to Dallas/ Fort Worth for a job opportunity for Travis, but they haven’t been able to financially make the move yet. Travis and Kristen are actively involved in their church in San Antonio and have a beloved emotional-support dog for Travis named Betty. 


On February 18, 2017, Gateway, Operation Finally Home, and Cameron Custom Homes surprised this deserving family with a new, mortgage-free home in Watauga, Texas! With help from volunteers, corporate sponsors such as Home Depot, and other generous people, Gateway is paying for a small portion of their medical bills and arranged for an interior designer to help them furnish their new home. It’s because of you that Gateway can bless this hero and his family. 


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