We know we’re supposed to pray … but why? Do our prayers really make a difference? And is there a “right” way to pray? 

Although prayer feels abstract and complex, it’s actually quite simple—we have direct access to God!

This summer at Gateway, we’re engaging in a prayer revolution as we journey to discover the how and why of prayer. Here are a few ways you can learn about and experience the power of prayer in your own life. 

July 4–August 12

You and a partner. Five minutes a day. That’s it.
Super simple, yet immensely powerful.

So here’s the challenge:

  1. Choose a friend, a family member, or your spouse to join with you in this commitment.
  2. Spend five minutes a day for 40 days praying with that person. Express thankfulness, pray about concerns, speak God’s Word over each other, and expect to see God move.

Prayer is the most powerful force on the planet because it connects us to the God who created it all. In the amount of time it takes to brush your teeth and comb your hair, your life can change forever.  

“If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ask, my Father in heaven will do it for you. For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.” 
Matthew 18:19–20

Who should I choose as my prayer partner?
Choose someone you can trust and be open with. You also want to make sure you have access to them (whether in person or by phone) for at least five minutes a day. Anyone is fair game: a family member, a good friend, a coworker, a spouse, a girlfriend/boyfriend, or a mentor.

What do we do?
Take turns thanking God, asking God for His help or provision in certain areas, or praying God’s Word over each other. If you want to, you can choose different friends/family members, church leaders, political figures, or nations to pray for each week.

Wondering where to begin? 
Check out our pocket-size prayer guide in the July issue of Gateway Life!

What if it’s awkward?
Don’t worry about it! If you’re not used to it, praying with someone can be awkward at first, but continue to focus on God and enjoy your time connecting with that person. You’ll quickly start to feel comfortable praying together. 

Prayer Challenge Survey
You can participate in a groundbreaking independent survey run by Baylor University's Institute for Studies of Religion. This is the first empirical study of its kind, designed to measure the outcome of two people praying together for five minutes a day over 40 days. If you choose to participate, you and your prayer partner can take the survey on the first and last days of the challenge. 

Please note: The survey is completely voluntary. It is not a prerequisite for participating in the 40-Day Prayer Challenge. It is simply designed to give you a great before and after picture. The survey is independently run by Pray Together Stay Together, Inc. and Baylor University. All the results are completely private and will not be seen by anyone except social scientists at Baylor. 

Weekend Services | July 9–August 7

Whether you’re struggling in your prayer life, an experienced prayer warrior, or unsure what a prayer life means, this series will encourage and inspire you. You won’t want to miss a weekend!

Featured Speakers
Dr. Henry Cloud    
Blynda Lane
Mark Jobe
Jimmy Evans
Tim Ross

Here are some additional recommended resources for you to check out as you continue your journey into prayer.

We’ve also put together a special book bundle for you!
Purchase Why Keep Praying? by Robert Morris and Adventures in Prayer by Mary Jo Pierce for $15!