We are so excited to announce that The Blessed Life is now airing weekdays and Sundays on both Christian television networks and mainstream networks across the country! Check the updated schedule below to find your local listing.

You can watch the current series anytime at theblessedlife.com. Be sure and tell your friends and family about this incredible show that features Gateway Worship and dynamic teaching from Pastor Robert. This is a wonderful opportunity for Gateway to continue to share the gospel and change lives around the world!

For more information about The Blessed Life, visit theblessedlife.com.



8:00 am MST | KSAZ Channel 10 (Phoenix, Arizona)
9:00 am CST | KDFI Channel 27 & Telemundo Channel 39 (Dallas, Texas)
9:30 am CST | Daystar Television Network
11:30 am CST | ABC Channel 8 (Dallas, Texas)
1:30 pm UTC | Daystar Television Network
4:30 pm PDT | Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)

9:30 am PDT | Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)
2:30 pm PDT | SacFaith TV (Sacramento, California)

9:30 am PDT | Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)
3:30 pm PDT | SacFaith TV (Sacramento, California)
8:00 pm CST | KGEB53  (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

9:30 am PDT | Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)
7:30 pm PDT | Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)
8:00 pm CET | Kanal10.No
9:30 PM EST | Hillsong Channel

9:30 am PDT | Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)
9:00 pm CST | Daystar Television Network

9:30 am PDT | Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN)
4:30 pm PDT | SacFaith TV (Sacramento, California)
7:30 pm CST | WHBR TV33 (Pensacola, Florida)

11:30 am PDT | Sacfaith TV (Sacramento, California)