Jewish Ministry

Thank you for being willing to give your time and talent to serve God. He designed you to serve in an area based on your passions, gifts, and talents, and we want to help you find that place! When you serve in the area God designed for you, it’s both rewarding to you and beneficial to those you serve. Check out some of the ways you can serve in Jewish Ministry!


Volunteer Opportunities

If you have clerical skills and would like to help in the office during the day, we have many volunteer opportunities available including help with mailings, phone calls, filing, document preparation, printing and data entry. 

Our intercessors provide regular prayer coverage for Jewish Ministries staff, the Shabbat Service, ministry trips and various special events under the direction of the designated prayer leader. 

Special Events
Throughout the year, Jewish Ministries hosts three to five events. It takes many volunteers to make each event a success. A few examples are: Passover Seder Celebration, Hanukkah Celebration, and other Jewish celebrations.

A few times a year, take photos of Jewish special events and edit for use on social media. Must own your own equipment.

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Messianic Service Volunteer Opportunities

Food Hospitality Volunteer
We serve desserts and snacks each month following our Shabbat Service. Volunteers are needed to help before and after the monthly service with setting up, serving, and cleaning up. No cooking is required! 

Shabbat Service | 6:15–7:45 or 8:45–9:30 pm
Greet people who enter or exit the building and Auditorium. Your smile and handshake can prepare their hearts to receive from God.

Gateway Central Host
Shabbat | 8:45–10:00 pm
Gateway Central volunteers offer a warm welcome to first-time guests after the service. They assist the staff by setting up the first-time guest reception and joyfully greeting all who visit.

Serve Lounge Host 
Shabbat Service | 6:15–8:00 pm
Serve Lounge Hosts assist during Shabbat Services by helping new volunteers connect with the team, answer questions, and assist volunteers as they check in and eat dinner.

Shabbat Service | 6:15–8:45 pm
Ushers greet and assist the congregation with finding seats in the Auditorium and work with the deacons and other Guest Experience volunteer teams to ensure that all service issues are addressed. 

Holiday Party Hosts
Special Shabbat Services | 8:45–10:00 pm
A few times a year, we have an After Party to celebrate special Jewish holidays at the Messianic Service, such as Purim, Rosh Hashanah, and Hanukkah. Holiday Party Hosts greet guests and encourage them to participate in party activities, including dancing and the photo booth.

Information Center Attendant 
Shabbat Service | 6:15–7:45 pm
Information Center attendants help us accomplish our goal of “preparing hearts for worship” by answering questions and connecting guests to their desired location. Attendants serve at a designated Information Center before Messianic Services. Responsibilities range from escorting guests to various locations to welcoming new believers into the family of Messiah with our new believers resources.

Communion Team 
This team serves communion during a Shabbat Service twice a year. 

Communion Prep Team 
This team prepares the elements for communion during a Shabbat Service and assists with cleanup twice a year. 

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After Service Prayer
Minister to others through prayer and intercession at the end of Gateway's Shabbat Services as well as other services as needed. 

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