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Messianic Service | The Word | Service | 58 | Shabbat Service | Geoffrey Cohen | 04/17/2014
What is Passover? Passover celebrates the exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt after 400 years of slavery. Passover is the universal holiday of freedom and is the oldest continuously celebrated holiday in the world, having been observed annually since around 1446 B.Y. (before Y’shua). The name “Passover” comes from the fact that G-d passed over the Jewish homes that had the blood of a perfect lamb on their doorposts during the last of the 10 plagues against the Egyptians, the death of the firstborn sons. The Feast of Passover proves beyond a doubt that we don’t serve a passive G-d; rather we serve a G-d Who acts and cares for His people.   To Messianic Jews, Passover has a very special meaning. Like a condemned man offered a final meal, Jesus (whom we call by His Hebrew name, Y’shua) chose the Passover Seder as His last supper. The reason has to do with the theme of exodus and understanding His purpose. During the first exodus, Moses led the people into freedom from slavery. Similarly, the new exodus, led by Y’shua, is also about freedom. Not freedom from the bondage of slavery at the hands of another nation, but an even greater freedom—freedom from the bondage of sin. 

Shabbat Service

Shabbat Service
Jewish Dance Class | 6:00 pm | Classroom 2C
Preservice Prayer | 6:15 pm | Classroom 1D

Service | 7:00 pm | Auditorium

Our Shabbat Service meets once a month. We have Messianic worship, a message, and a time of fellowship after the service.

Before the service, join us for our dance class and preservice prayer.


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