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Messianic Service | The Purim Victory | Service | 57 | Shabbat Service | Geoffrey Cohen | 03/07/2014
Purim Purim (or “The Feast of Lots”) is a celebration of the deliverance of the Jewish people of Persia because of the actions of the Jewish heroine, Queen Esther. Purim, which also means “lots,” carries a hidden message because Haman, the story’s villain and enemy of the Jews, plotted to eradicate the entire race by casting lots (Esther 9:24). Jewish people remember this feast on 14 Adar in celebration of Queen Esther’s great victory and the survival of the Jewish race. Celebration Traditions During Purim, the story of Esther is read from a book called the Megillah in Hebrew. As a reader tells the tale, listeners drown out the name “Haman” each time it is spoken by shaking a “grogger” or noisemaker. Many wear costumes and masks to “hide” their identity as Esther did. There is always fun speculation if the costume one chooses conceals or reveals his or her true identity. A special meal is prepared at home and the traditional sweet pastry, “Haman’s Ears,” is baked. Sometimes, both adults and children put on a play (or spiel) re-enacting the story of Purim with humor, often using modern-day characters. By Bonnie Saul Wilks, Senior Writer, Messianic Jewish Bible Institute

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Shabbat Service
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