The pile up of children at the bottom of the giant inflatable slide was enough to make most kids cry. But there were no tears as the refugee children played at the Easter Outreach in Fort Worth hosted by World Relief, a Gateway ministry partner that helps resettle refugees who’ve been displaced from their home countries. In fact, the more kids on the pile, the more laughter could be heard.

A few feet away, a group of kids had their faces painted by volunteers while others chewed popcorn and waited in line for the carnival rides. In all, more than 100 people from nearly 10 different nations benefited from this outreach. While these numbers are strong, they pale in comparison to the impact World Relief has made over the last few years. Thanks to Gateway’s ministry partnership and your giving, we are able to work with World Relief to help thousands of families make a new home in North Texas.

In 2015, World Relief helped resettle:
549 New Refugees
191 Men
157 Women
201 Children

Origins of the refugees:
182 Iraq
155 Burma
79 Afghanistan
66 Somalia
48 Bhutan
12 Congo
10 Iran
8 Eritrea
7 Cuba
6 Sudan
5 Pakistan
4 Sri Lanka

World Relief helped:
Supply 441 new beds.
365 refugees apply for green cards.
227 refugees get jobs.
115 refugees apply for citizenship.
Reunite 69 displaced families.
$148,660 in furniture donations was given.
7,200 hours were volunteered.
5,277 volunteer miles were driven.

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