How do I know if KAIROS is for me?
  • We all need freedom. We all need KAIROS. Whether you have experienced hurts and trauma in your life or you just want to go to a deeper level in your relationship with God, there is something for everyone at KAIROS.

Is anything required before attending KAIROS?
  • The Freedom Basics classes are required prior to attending KAIROS. The schedule and class descriptions may be found at
What will I experience at KAIROS?
  • You will experience God’s presence, power and truth through a combination of worship, teaching, testimonies and inner healing exercises. A variety of topics are covered, including Appetite for the Eternal, Establishing Identity, Living Without Regret, Breaking Soul Ties, Freedom Through Forgiveness, and Healing Father/Mother Wounds. 
Should I be nervous about KAIROS being held in a group setting?
  • We make every effort to create a safe environment for your healing and confidentiality is strictly maintained at all times. Although KAIROS is held in a group setting, it is very much about individuals having an encounter with God.
Why am I required to attend all of the days of KAIROS?


  • At KAIROS, we walk you through a five-phase freedom and inner healing process:  
    • Phase 1: Line Up (to the Word of God)
    • Phase 2: Clean Up (individual and generational past) 
    • Phase 3: Heal Up (past and present wounds)
    • Phase 4: Fill Up (invitation for the Holy Spirit to fill all places, burdens and hurts once occupied and receive fullness of His power, fruit, and gifts)
    • Phase 5: Aftercare (tools for maintaining your healing after KAIROS)
  • Missing any part of the KAIROS weekend causes you to miss a phase of the process. Our heart is to help provide you with the most effective healing and freedom experience possible. Therefore, we require that you attend the entire event. 
I’m not a member of Gateway. Am I still allowed to attend KAIROS?
  • Absolutely! We welcome anyone ages 18 and older to attend KAIROS, regardless of Gateway membership. 
Is children's ministry provided?
  • No, we are not able to provide children's ministry for this event. Also, we are not able to allow children to accompany their parents to KAIROS.  
What do I need to bring?
  • You will need to bring your Bible and a pen. We provide a workbook, snacks, and drinks for the entire event. Lunch will be on your own each day.
What is the dress code?
  • Casual dress is perfectly acceptable. We encourage participants to dress comfortably and to bring a jacket or sweater in case of temperature fluctuations.  
What can I do to prepare for my KAIROS experience?
  • In addition to completing the Freedom Basics classes, we encourage participants to prepare by seeking the Lord in quiet time, worship, and prayer. You may even prayerfully consider a fast of some sort, such as meals or electronics.