What is the difference between Freedom Basics classes and Topical classes?
  • There are four Freedom Basics classes: 101, 102, 103, and 104. Teachings include hearing God, how to change, true identify, and kingdom realities. Together they paint a picture that enriches our experience of freedom. Our Topical Freedom Ministry classes take the big-picture perspective established in the Freedom Basics classes and apply it to specific areas of struggle or need. We cover a variety of topics; most of them are stand-alone teachings, although a few are two and three sessions long.
Is there children's ministry?
  • We currently offer the Freedom Basics classes on Sunday mornings at the Southlake Campus. Children's ministry is available during this time, utilizing the normal weekend service process for check-in.
  • Topical Freedom classes are currently held on Wednesday nights at our Southlake Campus during the Equip semester. When you register for a Topical class online during Equip, please register your children also.
  • See Freedom Classes for class times.
Is there a specific order in which to take these classes?
  • No, these classes can be taken in any order and you may take the Freedom Basics and Topical classes at the same time. You do not need to finish the Freedom Basics classes before starting the Topical classes.
How long do the classes last?
  • Each class is an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes, plus ministry time. We recommend you schedule an hour and a half for each class. See campus calendar for class times.
Do I have to preregister for classes?
  • We would prefer for you to preregister for two reasons. One, we like to have an idea of how many notes to make for that evening's class. And two, we like to have your information in case we need to cancel the class for any reason. This would give us the ability to contact you so you don’t make an unnecessary trip to the church. You can preregister at equip.gatewaypeople.com.
Is there prayer/ministry time after class?
  • There is prayer time immediately following the teaching session during the Topical classes on Wednesday evenings.