Kids Kairos



We’re excited to offer Kids KAIROS, a freedom event for kids, ages 6–12! Our desire is to partner with God to teach our children freedom tools to equip them to close any doors the enemy would attempt to enter in their lives. We’ll combine a lot of fun with a lot of truth while allowing God to renew their hearts and refresh their hope in who He says they are. We’ll have worship, teaching, ministry experiences, and prayer for your child.


Kids KAIROS (Ages 6–8)
Monday, June 15 | 9:00 am–12:00 pm | NRH Campus

Check-in begins at 8:15 am, and pick-up is at 12:00 pm.

Kids KAIROS (Ages 9–10)
Monday, July 13 | 9:00 am–4:00 pm | NRH Campus

Check-in begins at 8:15 am, and pick-up is at 4:00 pm.

Kids KAIROS (Ages 11–12)
Monday, July 27 | 9:00 am–4:00 pm | NRH Campus

Check-in begins at 8:15 am, and pick-up is at 4:00 pm.

We believe in a family approach to freedom. We ask that parents and caregivers commit to pursuing their own freedom by participating in our freedom process at Gateway Church, including attending the five Foundations of Freedom Classes and KAIROS. Following KAIROS, you'll receive information on how how to proceed with a personal freedom session. For more information about Freedom Classes or KAIROS, visit

Note: One parent must have previously attended a KAIROS event in order for a child to be registered. Our heart behind this standard is for parents to understand our focus on understanding identity and overcoming the enemy before their child experiences it, allowing them to provide proper support for their child.

We have great expectancy of God's plans for your child and thank you for trusting us with your treasure!

Kids KAIROS Miscellaneous Information

  • We believe that prayer intercession by parents and prayer ministers is priority. Your participation in prayer and taking spiritual authority will move mountains on their behalf. Please pray! 

  • We will be using freedom declarations as our opening and closing corporate prayer.

    Opening Declaration
    Jesus, You are king in this room! We give You our hearts and trust Your truth will set us free. Hide us from the enemy and open our ears to hear Your voice. We LOVE You, God!

    Closing Declaration
    God, You are good! Thank You for setting us free! We claim VICTORY!

  • We will utilize Christian Video Music clips from YouTube. We'll also play the "Rocky" theme song and show the "I Am Special" video from Max Lucado; if you foresee any issues with this, please contact us at

  • All of our "Freedom for Kids" volunteers have been screened with the same criteria we use to provide the excellent care that is received during weekend worship services. They are trained in freedom ministry and have a heart to serve your family through this venue. Kids KAIROS will be closed to all adults other than our ministry team.

  • The children will be divided into two groups based on age with volunteers assigned to each division. Kids KAIROS will take place at our NRH Campus. Check in will begin at 8:30 am; please have your child present checked in before 8:50 am. 

  • Snacks will be provided at all three Kid KAIROS events, and cheese pizza will be provided for lunch for the Kids KAIROS in July. We're only serving water to drink and have made sure we have no peanut products in any of our choices. We're not able to accommodate any other special dietary needs.

  • Dress Code: Casual and comfy! We'll be on the floor moving around, and we'll do some activities with markers and clay. We're going to let your kids be kids. Please do not have them bring extra items such as: Bibles, purses, stuffed animals, iPods, notepads, or pens, etc. We'll have everything they need at the class, and other items will be a distraction.