Kids Freedom

Kids Freedom Ministry


Freedom is the ability for you to respond to God fully as the person He created and redeemed you to be!

Gateway Freedom Ministries is kingdom-focused and designed to help you become the person you were created to be. We'll help you enter the life you were made for, grow in Christ and learn how to be an influence in the lives of others.

Our objective for Kids Freedom Ministry echoes this vision. We will:

  • Lead your child/teen to hear God's voice and respond.
  • Encourage your child/teen to actively walk in their identity as a child of the King.
  • Challenge your child/teen to a kingdom mindset and to pursue the power of God.
  • Influence your child/teen to receive God's truth and stand on God's authority.

We encourage you to review the Kids Kairos Tab, Kids Freedom Ministry Sessions Tab and Caregiver Expectations & Resources Tab for more information.

If you have other questions about Kids Freedom please contact us at; we look forward to serving your family!