Gateway Equip Classes | Fall 2017
Weekends in November
Gateway Church NRH Campus | Classroom A


Exposing the Spirit of Mammon in Your Life
November 4| 4:00 pm
For most of us there are areas in our lives in which mammon still has a foothold. Join us as we look at ways to expose these areas and what God’s Word says about being truly free.
Taught by Todd Reynolds

Beyond Parenting: How to Connect with Your Kids When They'd Rather Not
November 4 | 5:45 pm
In this class, you’ll get relevant tips on how to develop and enrich the vital parent-child relationship.
Taught by Dina & Nestor Lima

Freedom Basics 104
November 4 | 5:45 pm
What was Jesus’ mission on earth? What is God’s part and what is our part in the transformation process? Learn how to partner with the Holy Spirit and live fully connected and empowered by the kingdom of God.
Taught by Paul Vickers

Beyond Parenting: How to Get My Children to Fall in Love with God
November 11 | 5:45 pm
Our children are our first disciples. Come get practical tools on how to mentor and coach your children to enrich their relationships with God.
Taught by Dina & Nestor Lima

Navigating the Journey of Grief and Loss
November 11 | 5:45 pm
This class will provide you with an understanding of the grieving process and the tools we have as Christians to help us navigate it.
Taught by Dr. Bobbi Stringer

Catch the Vision
November 18 | 4:00 pm
Our Catch the Vision class connects you to Gateway Church and explains our purpose, values, vision, and history and gives you the opportunity to become a member.

Beyond Parenting: How to Keep Communication Strong with Your Kids
November 18 | 5:45 pm
Keeping communication open and strong with your children as they grow up may seem to be an impossible task. Learn how to strengthen communication with your children at any age using a tool like coaching.
Taught by Dina & Nestor Lima



Communication: The Skill of Listening
November 5 | 9:00 am
Listening is a skill! In this class you will learn about possible barriers to effective listening, the importance of the right kinds of responses, and tips for improving your listening skills.
Taught by Bobbi Stringer

Worship Equip: How to Enter God's House
November 5 | 9:00 am
When we follow the biblical model of worship, our connection with God becomes more intimate. In this class, you’ll gain practical applications for using the powerful weapon of worship.
Taught by Danny Hageman

Father & Mother Wounds
November 5 | 10:45 am
Our experiences with our parents shape how we relate to God. Join us as we explore God’s plan to heal us, restore our identities, and free us to respond fully to Him as the child He created and redeemed us to be.
Taught by Wendell DePrang

Worship Equip: Satan's Greatest Desire vs. God's Greatest Desire
November 12 | 9:00 am
In this class, you’ll learn how to fill your life with worship for God by eliminating the desires of the enemy and following God’s heart.
Taught by Danny Hageman

Jesus in the Old Testament
November 19 | 9:00 am
Join Dr. Wayne Wilks Jr. on a journey through the Old Testament to learn about the parallels between Yeshua and various Biblical leaders of our faith.
Taught by Wayne Wilks Jr.

Worship Equip: How to Experience Miracles Through Worship
November 19 | 9:00 am
When we obey the Biblical examples of worship, we see miracles begin to happen in our lives. Through biblical application, we’ll learn how obedience produces miracles and results in greater gratitude toward God.
Taught by Danny Hageman

Anatomy of a Stronghold
November 19 | 10:45 am
This class will help you break the menacing cycle of strongholds in your life and help direct you to God as your only source for freedom and truth.
Taught by Wendell DePrang

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