Gateway Equip
January 7–29
Gateway Church Frisco Campus

Saturdays | Classroom B

Freedom Basics
Saturdays 5:45 pm & Tuesdays 7:00 pm | January 7, 10, 14 & 17
These four exciting classes contain the essential principles of freedom and lay the groundwork for you to hear who God made you to be and empower you to live how He made you to live. Freedom Basics are the launch pad for your journey into true freedom! These classes also serve as a prerequisite to KAIROS, our two-day Freedom Ministries event.

To the Jew First
Sunday, January 8–29 | 9:00 am

This four-week course looks at the historical Jewish roots of the Church. Come explore the importance of the Sabbath, the prophetic connection between the Old Testament and the New Testament, why the Jewish people and the mandate “to the Jew First” are priorities at Gateway, and how Israel is at the heart of all things related to the Last Days.

Raising an Original
Sunday, January 8 | 12:30 pm

Most Christian parents are bombarded with all kinds of advice, plans, and programs for how to be a great parent. In parenting eight kids over the last 25 years, Julie Lyles Carr and her husband began to understand that parenting was about nurturing each child according to their own unique needs and personality style. Join us for this seminar that is sure to change your family.

Mother & Son: The Respect Effect
Sunday, January 15 | 12:30 pm

Love is important but it is respect that is the key to your son’s heart. The idea of moms respecting their sons may sound alien to some, but it seems to ignite curiosity across the board. It is easy to relate to the need for all of us to feel a mother’s love, but is that the same thing as respect? Join us as we study Mother & Son: The Respect Effect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.

Freedom from Busyness
Saturday, January 21 | 5:45 pm

God intended for us to be fruitful and live abundant lives, but we often find that we lack joy and peace—that we have become slaves to the demanding dictator called busyness. Come discover how to break free from this relentless cycle.

Raising a Princess-Warrior
Sunday, January 22 | 12:30 pm

Princesses love pink dresses, tiaras, and tea parties, but we want our daughters to be Princess-Warriors, who know exactly who God made them to be. We want our daughters to have warrior hearts allowed to thrive, grow, be challenged, take initiative, lead, and be brave, not entitled. We want our daughters to have godly virtues and tender hearts. Join us for this class as we explore how to raise Princess-Warriors.

Freedom from Comparison & Competition
Saturday, January 28 | 5:45 pm

God created us for excellence, but that drive can easily turn into the ugly traps of comparison and competition. This class is intended to help you break free from this unhealthy drive that can often destroy relationships, health, and peace.

Spiritual Authority and Warfare in the Home
Sunday, January 29 | 12:30 pm

Pastor Jack Hayford said, “the spiritual realm is where all things are really ultimately decided, our whole life flow is in that region, it doesn’t remove us from the practicals of life, but the spiritual realm is where the battle wages and the issues are decided.” As believers, we need to know how to wage spiritual warfare in and for our homes and function in God-given spiritual authority.

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