Gateway Equip
February 25–26, March 4–26
Gateway Church Frisco Campus



Freedom in Gender Identity
February 25 | 5:45 pm
Pastor Tommy Briggs
In this class, we’ll discover true masculinity and femininity as defined by the Word of God, how the enemy has brought division and confusion, how each gender is uniquely designed to carry the image of God, and how we can each walk in our true identity.

Mother and Father Wounds
Pastor Tommy Briggs
March 4 | 5:45 pm
How we relate to God and our sense of identity and worth are powerfully shaped by our experiences with our parents during the formative developmental stage of our lives. Join us as we explore God’s plan to heal us, restore our identity, and free us to respond fully to Him as the person He created and redeemed us to be.

Pastor Kelle Sherpy
March 11 | 5:45 pm
Identity has two crucial parts: knowing who you are in Christ and accepting and valuing the unique way God made you. If you have ever struggled with self-hate or issues of worth and value, join us for this empowering class to discover who God created you to be.

Freedom Basics
Freedom Team
March 18–April 8 | 5:45 pm
These four exciting classes contain the essential principles of freedom and lay the groundwork for you to hear who God made you to be and empower you to live how He made you to live. Freedom Basics are the launch pad for your journey into true freedom! These classes also serve as a prerequisite to KAIROS, our two-day Freedom Ministries event.



Created for Partnership
February 26 | 12:30 pm
Dr. Rick & Brenda Laurence
Marriage is the most meaningful and most intimate relationship known to man. God created man and woman to partner with each other and work together to accomplish mighty things. Come learn how and what it means to partner with your spouse.

ID: Your Destiny Revealed
Pastor David Thompson, Connie Brown & Pastor Jeremy Meister
March 5–19 | 9:00 am
Most of us feel God calling us to something more, something specific that is uniquely ours to offer. When we feel the weight of that calling, we often don’t know what it is or what to do about it. Discover the unique life mission God has for you—because once you know it, you’ll have the confidence to take the next step toward your destiny. Your registration confirmation will include links to the Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment ($15) and a Spiritual Gifts test. Please bring your results to class.

The Heart of a Steward
Pastor David Thompson, Ryan Stubblefield & Nathan Nelson
March 5–19 | 12:30 pm
These three classes lay out a biblical foundation for your finances. Through interesting stories and study of Scripture, you will learn God’s ownership of your finances as well as His plans to redeem them and reward your faithful handling of the blessings He has entrusted to you! Join us and discover stewardship the way God intended it to be.

How to Reach Your Muslim Neighbor
Linda Jean
Sunday, March 26 | 9:00 am
If you have ever wondered how to communicate more effectively with your Muslim neighbors, this class is for you! Join us as we discover practical ways to reach out to Muslims in our neighborhoods, and how to befriend Muslims when our cultures have so many differences. We’ll also discuss how to start a non-confrontational conversation about faith, what the Bible teaches about God, and why the cross is central to salvation.

Parenting and Partnering with Your Adult Children
Connie Brown
Sunday, March 26 | 12:30 pm
You supervised and guided your child for so many years, but now that they’re an adult, now what? It can be difficult to respect their independence, especially when you worry their diet consists of candy bars and coffee or they aren’t dressing warm enough for the weather. How do you step back and still remain present, support without lecturing, and offer observations without forcing unsolicited advice on your adult child? Come learn how to transition from parenting your child to partnering with an adult.


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