Equip Paths


Equip offers a significant number of classes on a wide range of topics. With so many topics to choose from, you may wonder where to begin. 

Although you can choose any Equip class, we’ve developed Equip Paths—a Bible-based discipleship plan to help you discover your gifts and calling while becoming more familiar with the culture and mission of Gateway Church. 

Each Equip Path contains core teachings and related support topics that will equip you to grow. You can expect that participating in a series of classes within a particular path will help you hear God’s voice more clearly, understand the Bible more easily, and share your faith with greater confidence and peace.

Equip Paths

Believe in Jesus
Learning to place your hope and trust in Christ by surrendering to Him in every area of your life.

Belong to Family
Developing meaningful friendships while finding a sense of belonging and purpose within Gateway.

Become a Follower
Changing the focus of your life from self-centered to Christ-Centered.

Build God’s Kingdom
Finding ways to serve those around you by giving of yourself.

For more information and to enroll in a particular path, email equipslk@gatewaypeople.com