What is the official name of this new campus?

The name is Gateway Church Dallas Campus.

What are the service times?

Saturdays | 5:45 pm
Sundays | 10:45 am


What are worship services like?

As an extension campus, the service will be just like you’ve experienced at any Gateway campus. Gateway services run about 1 hour and 10 minutes in length. We believe weekend services are the primary place for unbelievers to come for the first time, so we seek to create an atmosphere that is free from distractions so everyone can engage with God during the service. While other services we offer are geared for believers and have freer expressions during worship, we expect the atmosphere of the weekend service to be more focused on God and not on our individual expressions of worship.

Will Pastor Robert or others ever preach live here or will it always be a video message?

The primary way for delivering the weekend message will be video simulcast from our Southlake Campus. We anticipate the possibility of a limited number of weekends (2–4) during the year when the message could be generated from one of the extension campuses or allow for a campus specific message to be delivered by the campus pastor. For scheduling purposes, Pastor Robert’s preaching will be from the Southlake Campus.

What is the vision of Gateway Church?

The vision of Gateway Church is to see people saved, healed, set free, discipled, equipped, empowered and serving. Our desire is to bring a biblical message of grace, hope, and freedom in Jesus Christ to the communities of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and extend from there to impact our state, our nation, and nations around the world. The passion for this extensive outreach was part of the original vision God gave to Pastor Robert when the church began, and the Dallas Campus will be a full participant in that vision.

What changes will be happening to the facility?

We have made changes to the children’s area and will be adding a Gateway Bookstore and Café.

How can I get involved?

Volunteer at the Dallas Campus
If you'd like more information about the areas in which to serve, visit our Dallas Serve Opportunities (Volunteer) page or email servedal@gatewaypeople.com.

Gateway Groups
Are you interested in finding a small group? 
Visit our Gateway Groups page for the Dallas Campus.

Are you interested in leading a small group? 
Email dallas@gatewaypeople.com for more information.

Where can I get answers to additional questions I have?

Contact Tracey Newcomer at 469.801.7206 or email dallas@gatewaypeople.com.